There is nothing worse than arriving in a new city just in time for Happy Hour, and everybody’s at the hotel pool enjoying life in front of a volcano, except you. You are nose-deep in a guide book trying to figure our your next move. Don’t let that be you, you want to be in that pool. Whether you’re after a beach break, a city experience, a jungle journey, connecting with locals, experiencing wildlife, or a little mix of everything,  you want to enjoy yourself, and leave the work to me.

At relaxpacker.com you will find the solution to all your travel needs in Mexico and Central America. I believe travel should be focused on the enriching and memorable experiences you have, not the effort you put in to plan your adventure.

My services range from  just the need to know route details and recommendations, to booking entire custom trip packages and even virtual tour guiding.

I spent a good part of my twenties leading groups of adventure travelers around Mexico and Central America, and before that, I was customizing entire trips all around the world. I’ve traveled solo to far off places, I’ve traveled as a pair, and in large groups, sometimes even with my entire family. I understand what it takes to make your dream trip and I understand the importance of attending to all the tiny details. I also understand that some people want everything planned and parted for them, while others want to keep the thrill of backpacking alive – just with less effort (and maybe a little extra style). I understand budgets, big and small, wants and needs, and everything in between. I have the destination experience of over 75 trips around Mexico and Central America and with that came the up close and personal experience of almost 1000 travelers special wants and needs.

Get inspired to get to your next destination or conquer your next fear. Stay tuned for Adventures with AllieG, coming soon.